Next Amateur Station License Examination

The next Amateur Station Licence Examination will be
held on Thursday, 5th November in the ComReg Offices in
Dublin. Full details, including entry procedure,
examination fee and how to pay the fee on line are
available at . Please note that it is
necessary to download the application form from the web
page and forward the completed form and the appropriate
fee so as to secure a place for the examination. If you
pay the fee on line you must still complete and forward
the application form. The closing date for receipt of
completed applications is Friday, 16th October. Three
Exam Reports which were previously published in Echo
Ireland are available on the Downloads section of
the website at under Studying for
the Harmonised Amateur Radio Examination Certificate.
These reports contain very useful information for
anyone studying for the Licence Examination. Intending
candidates are advised to pay particular attention to the
syllabus for the examination especially Annexes 1 and 2.

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