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  1. Ger

    Nice web site. I have been temporarily forced out of my shack since the second eldist is living in there until he goes into the Airforce.


    1. Hi Dan, Following in his dad’s footsteps!! Bring him to EI on your next trip and we’ll show him how to drink a few beers in Cratloe! love to Catherine & the guys. 73.

  2. Fm EI4GXB-2 To U2TSTV Via WIDE1*,WIDE2-2 [21:49:21]
    QSN your c/s thru ISS tonite loc.IO80NW
    UNIDEN bearcat ubc785xlt
    homebrew arrow 2m yagi

  3. Hi Ger
    Back on the air again. Hope to have the shack completed soon. Will send you some pictures when its all done 73 de EI7GKB George

  4. Tkns Ger fr e-qsl and nice website and picture of Bunratty castle i visted it in 2000
    vy 73 hpe to cuagn qrv on 40 ,20 ,10 and 2 mtrs and 70 cm ssb

  5. Glenroy Corbin

    hi you are 55 in to Barbados to day jun12 time 21:15 or so i took the ham test and hope to get the call soon 18.136.90 usb thanks.Glen 73

  6. Hello… Just wanted to stop by and give my regards. Just worked EI80IRTS on 15 meter 21.350MHz. Very nice to work Ireland this evening, for it is my 1st HF contact from Ireland. Thus, I shall be sending off a direct QSL to your address. 73 and great DX to you. Nice website as well…

  7. Good afternoon!
    03/01/2014 on 14247.0 (16:17 GMT) I wkd with EI14LCC in SSB (59/59), but in loog our QSO is not?
    GOOD LUUCK to you! Respectfully yours, VLAD (RZ1ZY – Murmansk)

  8. Pleased to read about your interesting work Ger, and thanks for handling the EI14LCC. Will QSO shortly for the contact. Always a pleasure to say “Dia’s Muire dhuit” to the Emerald Isle!

  9. hi ger
    im brand new to ham radio and want to start studying for the exam, I cant get to a club as im not near one and not driving either.
    could you tell me if all the info on here is up to date as I don’t want to be studying the wrong thing. (im 56 so probably a late starter)
    many thanks ger.

  10. Ger,
    Nicely done site. It appears that you are very active in radio, more than I ever expect to be.
    I sent you the IC-706MkIIG operation sheet just a little while ago. Please let me know if you find any areas that need correction.
    I’ll look for you on HF!

  11. Thank you for that lovley QSO on 40m Band dear Ham and Radiofriend
    Hope to see you soon ag on other freq. DL3WB OM Willi from west Germany near the Dutch Border.. 73 Enjoy your Time on the Radio..

  12. Hi Ger,
    It has been awhile. We met you, along with other Limerick radio club members, at Aunty Lena’s in Adare mid-May 2010. I am now retired and have gotten into digital radio (Winlink/VARA HF&FM, Fldigi, packet). I am Deputy EC/RO for the county I live in so, I have moved heavily into AUXCOMM. In 2020 did a lot of cooking, smoking BBQ, and other outdoor forms of cooking as well. Hope all is well with you and yours. Say “Hi” to the other club members – really enjoyed meeting you all.
    Cheers and 73,
    Jim K8JBD

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