Station Information

HF – Yaesu FT2000 & SP2000 main rig,  RFSpace SDR-IQ & IF2000 panadaptor & Elad Switch Box, Yaesu FT897D for portable use, Icom IC706MKII for Mobile use. Kent Dual Paddle for  & Llaves straight key for CW.  Heil Proset.

VHF/UHF – Yaesu FT7800 in my SUV, Kenwood TM-D700 for APRS in the shack, Icom IC-275H2 x Yaesu VX-7R for rugged Portable use, Yaesu VX-2E, Icom IC-275H, Philips FM1000 for 4M. Yaesu FT70D

Antennae – HF Cushcraft A3S at a height of 50 feet, LOADS of slopers & Dipoles, HF2V Vertical, Alpha-Spid Rotator.  All fed underground 100 feet to the shack.

VHF/UHF 5 ele 6M LFA Yagi, 6 ele 2M LFA Yagi (both from Innovantennas) HAM IV Rotator, 40 Foot telescopic/tiltover mast, 3 Watson & Diamond Verticals.

Accessories – Array Solutions PowerMaster, Array Solutions AIM 4170C Analyser, Ameritron 8 way remote antenna switch (soon to be replaced by Array Solutions PAK)  Watson W-8681 Weather Station.  PC’s in the shack running IRLP & Echolink for Limerick Radio Club, other pc’s uploading other interesting stuff to the web…AirNav Radarbox 3D, I’ll put the other bits on here when I get time!

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